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Our Approach

MercerBell works with marketers to help them get, keep and grow their customer base. We’ve developed a uniquely different way of working centered around our four pillars of expertise, all designed to produce one outcome: a more delightful customer experience.

Data icon Data

Analysing data across all phases of the customer experience to deliver actionable insights.


  • Customer segmentation
  • Customer profiling
  • RFM modeling
  • Digital analytics
  • Business ROI models
  • Data visualisation & dashboards
Gina Choutis - Senior Data Strategist

Gina Choutis

Senior Data Strategist

“Increasing customer touchpoints has resulted in customer data growing exponentially. The challenge is how to use this data to improve the customer experience. Our team works across all phases of the customer experience, using everything from transactional data to site performance metrics to help discover areas of untapped profitability.”

Strategy icon Strategy

Delivering the optimal customer experience strategy through research and insights.


  • Customer relationship strategy
  • Customer behavior insights
  • User experience strategy
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Digital & social strategy planning
  • Customer value proposition development

Becky Bishop

Planning Director

“A brand today can be defined as much by how it answers a query as by its marketing. After all, for your customers their experience is your brand. That’s why our planning approach is totally focused on the customer, planning the experience at each and every touchpoint to deliver the most robust and consistent experience of your brand promise.”

Technology icon Technology

Using technology to enrich the customer experience and leverage every touchpoint in a connected world.


  • Responsive web development
  • CMS Platforms
  • Mobile prototyping
  • User interface consulting
  • Wireframing & IA
  • Adobe Marketing Cloud consulting
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud consulting
  • Responsive HTML5 email development
William Parry - Technical Director

William Parry

Technology Director

“Technology is a brilliant enabler of great customer experience. But the challenge brands face is delivering a consistent experience, when channels and touchpoints are in a constant state of flux. Not only does our team help clients get the most from their technology platforms, we do it in a way that delivers across every device.”

Creative icon Creative

Delivering delightful customer experiences, driven by data, powered by insight.


  • Advertising
  • Digital & UX design
  • Content development
  • Studio services
  • B2B
  • Copywriting
  • Video production
  • Graphic Design
Simon Bloomfield - Creative Director

Simon Bloomfield

Creative Director

“It used to be enough to deliver a customer response. What matters most now is not just the raw numbers, but creating a positive customer experience. And Creativity is still a competitive advantage to achieving this. Our team has deep and broad experience across everything from award-winning conceptual ideas to UX design and content development.”