On May 4, 2017 MercerBell hosted the second annual Ideas Worth Sharing event, bringing together an inspiring range of presenters to share their stories with our clients and staff. The aim was to stimulate the audience to think big, be curious about the world around us and look for creative solutions in our everyday life. Basically, we look for anyone with an interesting story that we can all learn from.

And the speakers this year definitely delivered. We heard from:

  • Rob Caslick, Founder of Two Good
  • Taryn Williams, Founder/CEO of theright.fit
  • Alison Green, Co-Founder/CEO of Panterra Press
  • Andrew Goldie, Photographer
  • Miles Merrill, Slam Poet/Creative Director of Word Travels
  • Monique Alfris, Co-Founder of Pollinate Energy
  • Chris Wirasinha, Co-Founder of Pedestrian.tv
  • Rick Short, Storyteller in Chief at The Story Factory

  • Throughout the night, two themes emerged: the power of storytelling and identifying inspiring stories in the seemingly everyday; and the importance of challenging the status quo to make a real difference. Both of which are important lessons for all of us in the marketing, advertising and customer experience industries.

    Everyone who attended walked away feeling motivated and uplifted, including the speakers themselves. We loved sharing this experience with our clients and discussing it with them afterwards. As one client remarked: “Most of these things that agencies do are to sell something for them, but this was just to share great ideas.” Our catering for the evening, supplied by Two Good, contributed $1000 to their Mother’s Day campaign – supporting domestic violence survivors in New South Wales, Queensland, the Australian Capital Territory and Western Australia.

    The good news is that even if you weren’t there on the night, you’ll soon be able to watch all the speakers’ presentations here. The speakers’ presentations from our 2016 event are also available for you to watch here.