How to introduce LGBTIQ diversity into our client’s brand without making it the prime agenda

We recently had the privilege of having Ross and Ray from at one of MercerBell’s lunchtime lessons. GLAAD is a US-based global leader in ensuring lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer/questioning (LGBTIQ) people are represented fairly and inclusively in the media. The topic of discussion was accelerating acceptance for the LGBTIQ community and Ross provided a number of data driven insights and a couple of key take home messages. Below is a summary of the content provided on the day to help us create conscious content and introduce this to the Australian landscape through our clients’ brands.

1. Gather a pool of campaigns that have proven LGBTIQ integration success and show the client

Firstly establish if diversity and LGBTIQ acceptance aligns with the client’s brand values and show the client how to enhance it as an asset. Acquaint them with successful campaigns and highlight the statistics and results. Consider familiarising the client on; cost of campaign and ROI, risk involved and solutions that were utilised, social currency and how many eyeballs did the brand get? Below is an example of a Campbell’s TVC that gained positive cut through.

Campbell’s Soup – “I am your Father” campaign

More examples of US brands and a few Australian brands that you’re familiar with can be viewed here.

2. Have the confidence to cast LGBTIQ talent by understanding the community and your audience’s level of comfort

Understand the current perception of LGBTIQ people, stigma that still exists and the shift in cultural landscape of the next generation. Did you know that even though a person presents themselves as progressively open to LGBTIQ people, they still might have different levels of acceptance and become less comfortable when factors become personal such as when children become involved?

Click here for statistics of current American perceptions and for a host of additional educational publications, look here.

For more educational insights on the Australian landscape, connect with our own LGBTIQ organisations here in Australia to gain a better understanding of the community to aid in a casting talent:

Ross and Ray reminded us that advertising is one of the strongest mediums to be on the forefront of change and we have a powerful platform to utilise everyday.