At MercerBell, we believe in the principle of delighting people – and that means rewarding our own staff as well as our clients. Our HR manager Jessica Farrell takes us through our two main individual staff awards, as voted for by their peers.

We take our celebrating at MercerBell seriously. We’re all about celebrating our successes, our hard work, our dedication, our client satisfaction and each other. Everything we do is about customer delight, passion and camaraderie, and looking back at a great year, it’s time to get together and raise a toast to a job well done.

As part of our Annual Review, we get the opportunity to shine the light on some of our superstars. We shower them with praise, good vibes and their name in lights (literally, we actually mean in lights).

Our most coveted award is the MercerBell Legend of the Year. Our Legend is someone who epitomises our values of Passion, Respect, Inspiration, Curiosity, Collaboration and Effectiveness and is peer nominated. This year, our Legend was one of our Group Account Directors, David Schneider (affectionately known as Schniddy with so many Davids in our office!).

David joined our team in February 2015 as a Senior Account Director and was quickly appointed to Group Account Director. He’s led the Toyota account across MercerBell and was instrumental in the success of the account when we joined Saatchi & Saatchi in 2016.

David’s role oversees Toyota’s national marketing, fleet sales, and parts, services and accessories. He’s led a team of seven to deliver exceptional campaigns, organically grow the account to incorporate marketing automation, and has increased client satisfaction scores in our 360′ degree review (completed by independant company Aprais) to well above industry benchmarks. In January 2018, David takes on a new role as Group Account Director overseeing the Lion account.

Legendary feedback from the MercerBell team

As part of the award, our team commented on the type of leader he is. Here’s a selection of their comments:

  • He has true leadership skills and is a great manager. He always goes above and beyond for the team/client/agency
  • He is passionate in more of a non-conventional way. You don’t need to be loud and brash to be passionate. He is incredibly hardworking, driven, a quiet achiever and really believes in our business and always wants the best for us. He is also very diligent and does what he says he’s going to do (you never need to follow up with him)
  • He inspires me to be better, to learn and grown, to question things and he has taught me so much already
  • He is constantly looking for ways to help or improve Toyota. He enjoys what he does and has built strong relationships with all of his clients
  • He respects everyone he works with and tries to help wherever he can. He understands that people work in different ways and is able to be a leader for the team and help each individual grow and learn to achieve the best outcome
  • He is an inspiration of mine, and role model who I look up to

Introducing our Afternoon Delight

Sometimes, though, being a MercerBell legend is about those people who, every day, help make their colleagues’ and clients lives that little bit brighter. It’s why we created the Afternoon Delight award for the MercerBellian who is a true collaborator. It’s about how they demonstrate customer delight each and every day. This can be a little or big thing but all that matters is this person brings a smile to the face of those around them.

This year’s winner, nominated by her peers, was Account Manager Rebecca Maxted (otherwise known as Bec to her colleagues and clients). Her reward? An afternoon of delight; an experience which will bring delight to them. They leave work early and get to spend $250 on attending an experience of either food, music, sport or culture – something they’re passionate about and wouldn’t necessarily do themselves.

Rebecca joined our account service team two years ago as a recent graduate. Since then, she’s worked across several accounts (Foxtel, Qantas, Nestle, Purina) and every day is different.

You’ll often find her managing Fancy Feast’s social pages (Facebook and Instagram) along with Qantas campaign work delivering both print and digital assets. She’s also focused on Purina pet food brand Pro Plan, with some exciting new product launches this year so there’s lots of shoots and assets involved.

Feedback from the MercerBell team

As part of the award, our team commented on why they thought Rebecca deserved the award. Here’s a selection of their comments:

  • Quite simply, she’s just a delight to work with. She makes everybody’s life so much easier, is so thorough and you know whatever she does is done brilliantly
  • No matter what the situation, Bec embodies all MercerBell values and makes everyone’s days better
  • Bec has an infectious smile and compliments every department around her

Huge congratulations to our two very well-deserved winners. We can’t wait to see what you both get up to throughout this year, David and Bec.