At MercerBell, we believe that our success relies on every single one of us. We’re a crew that knows and understands one another. This doesn’t mean we’re all the same. Each of us brings a different perspective, background and skillset. That’s what makes us stronger. And it’s why we love to shine the spotlight on of our very own MercerBellians every now and then.

Our Technical Project Manager, Exe Carrizo, shared with us some insight into his role (and himself). Soon to be married, Exe’s hard work and dedication has seen him succeed in this newly created role when he joined the MercerBell team in July 2017.

So Exe, as our Technical Project Manager, what is it that you do?

Whilst not officially my job title, I like to think of myself as kind of a Marketing Automation wizard. At MercerBell, I manage and assist producers with all Toyota campaigns setup and reporting in Marketo for Toyota Motor Corporation Australia Limited (TMCA) and Toyota Fleet.

My day to day can vary from assisting meeting with clients, scoping large scale projects and integrations as well as hand-on execution – setting up campaigns in Marketing Automation tools.

Where were you before joining MercerBell?

Over the past five years I’ve worked across APAC and America in Email Marketing and Marketing Automation. Before joining the MercerBell family, I was working at a smaller agency as a Campaign Manager. There, I was in charge of the execution of email marketing campaigns as well as Marketing Automation campaigns for Tier 1 as well as SMB businesses.

What’s it like to work here at MercerBell?

A day is never the same at MercerBell. You’re continualy learning and improving your skills. It’s great to see how your work mates deliver amazing pieces of work offline as well as digital. Also, the family vibe and the camaraderie between our team is one of the best things about working here.

Fun fact: Exe can pretty much play the guitar with his eyes closed. He’s been playing since he was 15 and used to play in a few bands in Argentina.

So what comes next for our marketing automation wiz/guitar master? According to Exe, he’s excited to continue expanding his overall knowledge in marketing automation, get married and holiday in Europe.

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