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ASX FlexClear

ASX FlexClear

Giving fund managers control over the way they trade

Options trading is a complicated process. So ASX created FlexClear™, a new service, giving Fund Managers greater control and flexibility. Our task was to raise awareness of the service. But how do we get the attention of a hard to impress audience in a way that appeals to their intelligence and ego?

response rate

Our audience likes a challenge, so we sent them one – a remote control drone. This was designed to dramatise the control and freedom they could get with FlexClear™. A personalised DM pack housed product information that doubled as a drone landing platform, so traders could practice their flying skills and compete with colleagues.

ASX FlexClear Drone pack ASX FlexClear Drone pack 3 ASX FlexClear Drone pack 3 ASX FlexClear Drone pack 2


In just 48 hours the pack achieved a 50% response rate. There were 215 visits to the landing page with 98% entering the competition, increasing the database by 400%. As a product launch it clearly took off.