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Back in the Game

Back in the Game

A social promotion to reward Foxtel’s Game of Throne fans

As part of the Foxtel Access customer rewards program, we wanted to give Game of Thrones fans a unique experience. And what better way than to offer them the chance to attend the season 5 premiere at the Sydney Opera House?

submissions received over just 4 days

The prize was legendary, but we came across a wall. We only had three days to garner as many entries as possible. Playing off the insight that an alarming amount of lead GOT characters had been killed, we posed fans with a simple question. Through both email and Foxtel’s Facebook page, we asked “Who would you bring back from the dead?”

Foxtel Back in the Game - Facebook page Foxtel Back in the Game - Landing Page Foxtel Back in the Game support - Dragon


Facebook became alive with passionate declarations, and before long we had 5,000 thought-provoking submissions. 200 victors were summoned from across the kingdom to attend the premiere, which saw its own fire-breathing dragon on the steps of the Sydney Opera house. It was a prize to die for.