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Carnival Conga

Carnival Conga

Creating the world’s longest conga line at sea

Carnival Cruise Line was looking for a way to mark their 5th birthday in Australia. But a simple party wouldn’t do, especially when you’re known as the cruise line for fun. We wanted create a real song and dance to celebrate – literally.

The event

We set out to create a world record with Carnival Conga, the world’s longest conga line at sea. Starting in Miami, Carnival Conga danced its way around the world to Sydney via 25 Carnival ships and over 60,000 passengers.

The results

We came, we saw, we conga’d – onboard, on social and in local news channels, with a reach of over 8 million. What’s more, Carnival reported its highest sales for the year that month. And, to top it all off, Carnival Cruise Lines set a mighty world record – the longest conga line at sea.