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Fancy Feast

Fancy Feast

Igniting customer loyalty through content

Fancy Feast is the cat food of choice for the discerning pet parents. A leader in the premium wet cat food category, it specialises in gourmet recipes and fantastic feline flavour combinations.

Amidst competitive pressures and discounting in the category, brand loyalists often trade down to less premium brands. The battle for attention was happening in the grocery aisles and we Fancy Feast had no direct relationship with its buyers. It was time to reconnect with owners and their beloved felines.

Using online listening and market sizing, we identified our core audience – cat owners who valued the bond with their cat, appreciated the finer things in life, and wanted to share their love of cats online without judgement.

We created an online ecosystem for this cat community to drive deeper engagement with the brand. Our content hub, The Fancy Feast Lounge, sat at the heart of this, while social media drove reach, community engagement and sign-ups.

Finally, our CRM program delivered personalised experiences to our fans, with a mixture of articles designed to appeal to the discerning cat owner, as well as access to exclusive content, great offers, heart-warming stories and sneak previews.

The results

Fancy Feast is now at the centre of a growing cat community that regularly shares and engages with our feline-friendly content. We’ve reached millions of Australian cat owners through social media and have a growing base of highly engaged members.