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Foxtel Access

Foxtel Access

Turning customers into fans
How a unique rewards program is helping Foxtel rate better

Foxtel customers love their entertainment. But they weren’t quite showing the love for Foxtel itself. In the face of imminent competition, we needed to turn begrudging customers into avid fans. Our goal was to increase advocacy for Foxtel through rewarding and recognising our customers. So we created Foxtel Access – a program of unique experiences and competitions to say thank you.

Average click rate
for Access emails

Emails are the gateway to this program, so they need to work extra hard. And with such a varied audience – the entire Foxtel viewer base – smart targeting and dynamic content is key. So we target customer segments based on their interests, with corresponding rewards.

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The results so far have been through the roof.
The average open rate for our eDMs is 33.55%, with the most popular eDM having an open rate of 53.34%. Foxtel Access now delivers an average of 45,000 opt-ins per year, and the website receives an average of 52,000 unique visits every month. That’s a lot of fans.