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A FUNBELIEVABLE campaign to drive Carnival bookings

As their ‘Choose Fun’ tagline suggests, Carnival is known as the cruise line for fun. They offer 45 daily activities onboard, including Water Parks, waterslides and Broadway-style shows. Plus there’s a huge range of restaurants to choose from and amazing destinations to explore.

We needed a campaign that would drive brand awareness as well as bookings. But to get Australian families to choose a Carnival cruise over a holiday in Bali or the Gold Coast for example, we needed to demonstrate not only comparable value, but also superior fun.

The solution

While any holiday can be fun, only Carnival can offer families a holiday that is FUNBELIEVABLE.

Our creative objective was to ensure that in the minds of consumers, the word FUNBELIEVABLE was inextricably linked to the Carnival brand. So we launched with 30” and 15” TVCs using the well-known 90s track by EMF, ‘Unbelievable’, embracing its ‘earworm’ effect and simple swapping out the key lyric for FUNBELIEVABLE.

This allowed us to follow up in non-audio channels, using the word FUNBELIEVABLE typographically to drive bookings through print, social, digital and in interactive executions.

In addition, through Carnival’s TV sponsorship of Channel 7’s My Kitchen Rules, we adopted two of the leading contestants, Mick and Jodie-Ann, using them as FUNBELIEVABLE brand ambassadors to great effect.