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A data dashboard does it for BlueScope Steel

BlueScope Steel wanted a holistic view of the campaign activity and spend across all channels for their COLORBOND® GEN-U-WIN™ promotion. This would allow them to optimise the campaign as it rolled out.

We decided the most effective solution would be to create an easy-to-use data dashboard through Tableau’s visual analytics software. This allowed us to pull in data from many different sources, including Google Analytics, the BlueScope web team, the Media Agency, various Social Channels and Salesforce.

Most effective BlueScope promotion to date

These results were grouped together on a weekly basis and presented in a single-view, interactive dashboard. From click through rates to website traffic, key stakeholders could interrogate the data they needed whenever they wanted.

Early on it was clear the communication mix wasn’t delivering enough registrations, and our reports helped determine what channels and messaging needed to change. We also helped the sales team target specific accounts that weren’t pulling their weight.

Gen-u-win eDM Gen-u-win banners Gen-u-win banners 2 Data Dashboard


Thanks to our intensive, real-time data dashboards, our client was able to gain a clear understanding of how their campaign was performing at any one time and make adjustments along the way. This lead to GEN-U-WIN™ being the most effective BlueScope Steel promotion to date.