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Pirates of the High Fees

Pirates of the High Fees

Tackling the big four banks head on

While the big four banks were charging substantial fees for international money transfers, World First was significantly cheaper. But nobody had heard of them. So we needed to get them noticed, and drive people to use World First to send their money overseas.

Increase in new sales revenue

Our idea was to paint the banks for what they were – pirates. To bring the idea to life we created four characters, ‘The Pirates of the High Fees.’ Adshels were placed right outside each bank, with digital communications spreading the word. We even branded our own 18th century ship for the launch on Sydney Harbour.

World First - Parrot World First - Cap’n NAB World First - Pirate Ship World First - ANZy World First - Character Design


The Pirates received bountiful results for a company a lot more people have now heard of.

  • 45% increase in new sales revenue YoY (during the campaign period)
  • Google branded searches up 42% YoY and maintained post-campaign
  • Some significant media coverage, with 40+ press mentions