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Giving Australia’s dogs a new lease of life

Around age 7, dogs brains begin to change, affecting memory, learning, awareness or decision-making. PRO PLAN BRIGHT MIND is a breakthrough blend of nutrients that support cognitive health. The issue was that owners don’t consider 7 to be old and only pay attention to physical signs of decline.

With BRIGHT MIND established in other markets, we had to convince Australian dog owners that the product can have genuine and immediate impact on their pet’s quality of life. We countered any cynicism by inviting owners to trial the product and captured their experience.

Owners were interviewed before and after the trial, kept daily journals and the dogs wore Fitbark activity trackers so we could robustly measure the effects of the trial.

This was captured in a testimonial video series pushed out through digital and social which drove to a website to learn more and purchase.


  • The trial was a huge success, dogs were visibly more interactive and playful and their owners were delighted
  • The campaign drove awareness and consideration for BRIGHT MIND, and gave the product credibility, instilling confidence in consumers
  • With an average page dwell time of 2:10